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    Is the flight from Schiphol already booked and do you consider putting your car at this company? Here you can read about the experiences and opinions of previous users of this parking service. Their reviews give you an idea of what you are starting, so that you can make a conscious choice. And if you want to write a review about your parking adventure, you already know where to find this page. Happy Holidays!


    plans Whether we are talking about summer holidays, Christmas holidays, spring break or May holidays, if you go far away on vacation , you will most likely be flying. But also in family affairsor business trips that are more than a day's drive, you probably take the plane. The moment you go to the airport by car, that can cause a lot of headaches . Parking in the vicinity of an airport can cost a lot and the train is not always an option. Fortunately, there are more and more affordable and inexpensive options , because the rates on P3 at our largest airport in the former shipyard were very high.

    Parking (completely parallel) requires some skill, but practice makes perfect

    Parking with possibility to upgrade

    In recent years, more and more options have come to pay for parking in the vicinity of the airport. Often these parking places offer the traveler extra options. Perhaps the easiest is the shuttle bus service, with a regular commute between a car park and the entrance to the arrival hall. You are then brought and taken, as it were, and you have little to worry about. Sometimes it is also possible to opt for valet parking , which means that you get off at the terminal and the car is there again when you return sun-kissed and rested. Some companies offer customers the opportunity to have their car cleaned , both the interior and the exterior , and to have teflon wax . If the site is also monitored 24/7 by means oflicense plate registration and the car in reliable hands, you can completely air up.

    Holiday Parking

    This is a parking space three minutes away from the Schiphol Airport terminal near Amsterdam. Pretty close. With this parking service, it is possible to park the car under cover in the parking garage. Your car is then not directly exposed to the outside air and the weather influences . They also have the option of cleaning in the service package. The parking is monitored non-stop with license plate registration.

    A reservation for a parking space can be done by telephonewhen made online . The guest then receives a confirmation , but can always change or cancel it . If you return this company, before you get your bags, that you are there, the recognizable shuttle bus or a driver with your own car is ready at the agreed place. The latter depends on whether you have opted for the shuttle bus service or valet parking .

    Reviews for and by traveling consumers

    If you already have experience with a company, you can help others to write a review about it. Your opinion and assessmentgive future parkers a picture of the company, their service package and service. In this way you help prospective customers make a well-considered choice before they start working with a company. In addition, it is good for your karma too!

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